Core values

  1. Customer-first approach
  2. Responsible and invested team
  3. Hiring and developing strong talent
  4. Big-picture strategizing and goalsetting
  5. Open and collaborative environment
  6. Innovation and invention
  7. Commitment to learning and curiosity

Who are we?

Axon Technologies is a cybersecurity services company focused on protecting organizations of various sizes in this digitally connected world.
Our mission is to help organizations predict, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks with a combination of best of breed security technologies and a specialist team of researchers, analysts, and Incident responders to provide clients the comfort that their organization is protected 24×7.
Our vision is to apply automation, orchestration,and machine learning into our security programs to stay one step ahead of the attackers and unleash the value of your security investment.

Why choose AXON?

  • We understand what good cybersecurity looks like for different type of companies.
  • We do security and only security.
  • We invest in our people: Our analyst team are highly skilled and certified.
  • We address cyber security skills shortage with a combination people, process and technology.

Business Inquiries

Get in touch with us if you want a cybersecurity partner.
We have the best security specialists and work with
leading security technologies to help protect
clients anywhere, anytime.


The team

International cyber security expert with over 16 years of experience with multinationals including Dell SecureWorks, helping companies manage cyber risks. Helped clients develop cyber security strategies and roadmaps and build operational SOCs. Hadi has a Masters’ in Information Security from Royal Holloway University of London.


Hadi Hosn

Computer Scientist with extensive experience in digital transformation initiatives and projects. Rani drives an exceptional staff to produce creative next gen solutions and products that expand business capabilities. He has an innate learning ability that allows him to quickly operationalize valuable ideas and deploy strategies that maximize organizational performance.


Rani Haddad

Cyber security engineer highly involved in cyber defence consultancy and planning activities of nation-wide cyber security strategic plan and security operations center in the public sector.


Firas Sadek
Security Architect

Rayan Armoush is the Marketing Manager at Axon Technologies, she coordinates and manages projects, events and the social media for the company, including the Axon Cyber Academy. Rayan has a bachelor of science degree from the university of Florida.


Rayan Armoush
Marketing Manager

A Technology Advisor in Cyber Security, with over 12 years of involvement in the IT industry, and an extensive consultancy and client facing know-how. Through her deep security technologies understanding and multi-vendor exposure she succeeded to deliver consistently an outstanding customer service for mobile operators, service providers, financial, enterprise and commercial sectors for the Lebanese and Middle East market.


Marie Ange Fares
Business Development Manager

He has over 5 years of experience in the cybersecurity field with expertise in analyzing detailed information security data and proven ability to contribute to the implementation of cybersecurity solutions. Utilizes relevant languages, data mining, analytics, and workflow to accomplish cybersecurity goals. Has an excellent understanding of software practices and long experience in assimilating new technologies.

Bahaa Hassanieh
Research and Development