Axon Technologies are ready to support any company impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) in managing cyber threats and incidents.



During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, everyone at Axon Technologies is thinking about those who have been affected personally by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and we celebrate those on the front lines helping slow the spread of this virus.

It is also at times like these when digital innovation is needed the most, and those that succeed will inevitably have ‘architected’ this change years ago.

Technology Trends

It is our objective at Axon Technologies to help companies navigate the cyber threats and risks they face as they embark on digital transformation initiatives, especially during these critical times.

COVID-19 Cyber threats are now real, not theoretical

Cybercriminals are attacking the computer networks and systems of individuals, businesses and even global organizations at a time when cyber defences might be lowered due to the shift of focus to the health crisis.

Key factors for securing a remote workforce

  • Organizations must have a current
    cyber security policy that includes
    remote working
  • Plan is expected for BYOD (Bring your
    Own Device) personal devices
    connecting to the organization
  • Cybersecurity hygiene and continuous
    visibility is critical
  • Strategic and advanced approach to
    threat detection, response and
    remediation is necessary to mitigate
    advanced cyber threats
  • Continued education is crucial, as
    corona-virus-themed scams escalate
  • Crisis management and incident
    response plans need to be executed by
    a remote workforce
  • Cyber security experts and partners
    should be on-call to help the
    organization navigate the threats and
    respond to threats and incidents

Axon Technologies solutions can help secure digital transformation

Specific use cases of how Axon can help

Secure platforms for collaborations,
operations, remote working and
customer engagement
(during and post COVID-19)

Full spectrum of cyber security consulting and assurance portfolio to assess security of platforms during design, build and operate

Adaptive cyber defence with
context of mission-critical
activities and systems

Differentiated services include Advanced Threat Hunting, Security Automation and Orchestration and Managed Threat Services
Combine Defensive Cyber Operations and Offensice Cyber Operations capabilities to deliver to government and critical infrastructure

Applications of data science and
artificial intelligence to improve
human-centered experiences

Utilise our partnership with Splunk as the World Leading Data Platform
Build use cases and custom correlations in our innovation centers
Deploy leading technologies across key clients