What is it?

Axon Technologies has developed a strategy that emphasizes education in cybersecurity. Alongside the investment in technology, education and building resilience is just as crucial to developing a mature cybersecurity program. What is the point of mounting the most sophisticated lock on the door if the people using the door leave it wide open? Our academy program is a critical component of our cybersecurity solutions and through our academy we will invest in human capital development for a cybersecurity workforce.

Cyber Academy Workshops:

Through our virtual LABs and e-learning platforms, we offer different types of workshops to educate and train the audience about Cybersecurity.

  • Executive Workshops

Focus on decision making at the top level before, during, and after a cybersecurity incident.

  • Technical Workshops

Use hands on virtual labs to train security personnel on using security tools, incident investigations, and forensic analysis.

  • Non-technical Workshops

General cybersecurity awareness presentations, hands on labs, and simulations to prepare employees to be more resilient and vigilant against targeted and random cyber attacks.

Technical Workshop

Coming Soon

Cybersecurity Learning
Management System

Axon Technologies developed a fully functional managed LMS to help organizations educate their employees about cyber security risks.

  • Keep tabs on progress: Keep track of which employees have started, completed, or have not yet started their assigned modules.
  • Assess Knowledge: Each pre-installed module includes an interactive learning activity, allowing users to gauge their understanding of the topic.
  • Hands-Off Reengagement: Rather than manually tracking users who have not yet completed their assigned activities, we automatically reengage with emails.

Cyber Academy Platform Subscription

  • Axon Technologies fully managed web-based, interactive, gamified, and on-demand cybersecurity skills platform. Our challenge-based skills content is developed by experts, continuously updated, and derived from world-class threat intelligence.
  • Visualize the cybersecurity capability of your workforce, evaluate risk and align skills to your security strategy all on one platform.
  • Get up close and personal with the latest threats in a secure environment, continuously honing your cybersecurity talent.
  • Accelerate past outdated training with continuous, objective-driven cybersecurity skills content based on real threat intelligence.
  • Over 600 labs ranging from novice to expert level.


We offer internships
all-year round.