What is it?

Axon Cyber Institute is a dedicated cybersecurity institute offering high-quality intensive courses and workshops in all fields of cybersecurity. Axon Cyber Institute seeks to reduce the gap in the cybersecurity industry by training IT professionals to become well-established security specialists in their organizations.

Our courses and training programs cover a wide range of cybersecurity development paths, such as Cyber Defense, Cyber Offense, Incident Response and Forensics, and Management. For each path, we have a track of progressive courses from a beginner level to an expert level. Students can build training path of their choosing.

What Axon Cyber Institute Offers its Clients and Students

  • A fully managed training environment.
  • Operational trainers who work in cyber security operations alongside their training roles.
  • A gamified learning and training experience.
  • A sandbox training and research environment.

Cybersecurity Training Programs

  • Technical courses for individual professionals
  • Training programs tailored for organizations

Technical Courses for Individual Professionals

Can be attended by IT professionals individually to expand and upgrade their skills and knowledge.The courses in this category are highly technical, in-depth, and cover wide aspects of cybersecurity. They are suitable IT Professionals who want to develop a career in cybersecurity, or Security Professionals who want to specialize further to an advanced level. The following roadmap highlights the courses along with their levels and tracks:


Each course can be provided in three ways:

  • In-Person: this is instructor-led training where students attends physically.
  • Live Online: the course is conducted online but with live interaction between the students and the instructor.
  • Online On-Demand: the students can download or access online materials and video recordings and learn at their own pace.
  • Each course is generally 30-hour long spread over 5 days.

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Training Programs Tailored for Organizations

Designed to raise the security awareness of the stakeholders of an organization.Organizations need to address Cyber Security from a management perspective. And this means that senior-level executives as well as junior employees receive adequate security awareness training. AXON Cyber Institute offers two programs:


We offer internships
all-year round.