Advanced Security Monitoring Service
Provides 24×7 real-time security monitoring, analysis and reporting, and early warning intelligence.

SOAR Service
Combines security orchestration, playbook automation, case management, and response capabilities to integrate people, processes and technologies together.

Endpoint Detection and Response Service (EDR) provides an endpoint detection and response solution that is deployed on all endpoints at the organization.

Threat Intelligence
Subscription Service
Our Axon Threat Intelligence informs organizations about the most relevant and impactful cyber threats relative
to their sector organizational type and operational profile.

Incident Response Service
includes prioritization and closure of false positives and containing true incidents with quick resolutions to reduce the spread of malware or exfiltration of information on client infrastructure.

Compromise Assessment
and Forensics Services
Provides a deeper investigation of an incident and performing forensics activities by Axon Technologies team.

Cyber-Academy Workshops
provides multiple guided interactive cyber security workshops tailored for executives, technical, or non technical employees.

Vulnerability Management Service
Provides regular vulnerability scanning, prioritization of vulnerabilities identified, escalation, and remediation orchestration with reporting of vulnerabilities and criticality.


Our cybersecurity solutions can cater for all
kinds of organizations, and our mission is to
provide the comfort that your organization
is protected 24×7


SOC Team Structure