Our Consulting Approach is to leverage Axon Technologies’ global experience and capabilities, and our understanding of the threat landscape to make every consulting and assessment project a success.

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Cybersecurity Program Assessment

How we can help?

Axon Technologies “Cybersecurity Program Assessment” is offered to identify the current cybersecurity posture of an organization, define the risk and critical assets, provide recommendations for improvement, and develop a cyber security strategy.

  • Address business and technical challenges to build a clear security roadmap.
  • Assess your capabilities and readiness to detect and respond to security incidents (from technology,
    people and process perspectives).
  • Present a business risk report to senior stakeholders.
  • Build a strategic partnership with Axon Technologies, providing continuous support, intelligence and updates about threat landscapechanges in the region.

Security Operations Assessment

How we can help?

Axon Technologies Security Operation Assessment will take the latest threats against your industry based on our research and assess your capabilities across people, process, and technology controls to Predict, Prevent, Detect, Respond and Remediate against the threats.

  • Understand what level of maturity your SOC is currently operating at.
  • Identify what your SOC’s development roadmap should look like.
  • Measure your SOC’s assurance levels and ability to detect cyber-attacks.
  • Respond to cyber-attacks in a timely manner to prevent the impact being compromised.

Compromise Assessment

How we can help?

Axon Technologies compromise assessment answers the all-important question: Have you been breached?

  • 24x7x365 Incident Response Hotline.
  • Host-based analysis, network-based analysis, malicious code analysis, log analysis, and cyber threat intelligence analysis for on-premises infrastructure and cloud computing infrastructure.
  • PR guidance and support.
  • Response findings and recommendations reporting.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Program and Workshops

How we can help?

Axon Technologies Cyber Academy service introduces concepts of games and competition into real-world education and training. Through its virtual LABs and e-learning platforms, we offer different types of workshops to educate and train the audience about cybersecurity.

  • Understanding the adversaries – motives, means and methods of the attackers.
  • Embedding cyber security into the board and executive level decision making.
  • Making employees aware of security threats.
  • Elevate the level of maturity for the IT and information security teams to be able to better detect and respond to a security incident whenit occurs.

Incident Response

The service is offered based on a retainer of hours available in the customer contract to support minimum commitment estimated by Axon Technologies.

How we can help?

  • Our service is delivered by a certified, field-proven professionals.
  • We are based in Lebanon and providing 24×7 support.
  • We combine our Axon Technologies team experience in responding to intrusions and our threat intelligence with a to deliver an assessment that meets your business objectives.
  • We deliver comprehensive analysis of the environment focused on finding evidence of a compromise.
  • We assist the organization in the containment and remediation plan.

Advanced Penetration Testing

How we can help?

  • Expose your weaknesses before real hackers do.
  • Reveal which areas of security you need to invest in.
  • Simulates a real attack scenario.
  • Comply with regulations.
  • Axon Technologies can carry out a full range of testing (eg. black, white or grey box; internal or external; infrastructure or web application; source code review; and social engineering).