Advanced Managed Security Service

Your current approach to cybersecurity could be putting you at risk, this comprehensive solution from Axon Technologies employs tools such as machine learning, analytics and automation to provide the advanced search, correlation, threat detection and incident management capabilities needed to more effectively thwart cyber-attacks. To power these technologies and processes, our security operations fusion center (SOC) use best in class cybersecurity experts and best of breed technologies to analyze and act upon all data that is available to us from structured, unstructured and as private and public sources.

  • 24×7 SOC detection, analysis and response service
  • SOAR (automating all of Tier 1 and majority of Tier 2 Security Analysis)
  • Attack Surface Reduction (Red team testing and vulnerability
  • Threat defense operations (Threat Hunting, Analytics, proactive queries, data sciences, etc.)
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Response
  • Advanced Incident Management





Essential Managed Security Service

Essential MSS is a fundamental aspect of protecting your critical data and business processes, without it you are putting your business at risk. Axon Technologies provides a holistic solution that provides the right mix of technology, people, and processes to improve protection of your data and devices and provide you with a strong, intelligent, and automated security foundation backed by vast security expertise. This solution will allow you and your team to focus on business activities and strategy without worrying about the cybersecurity risk.

  • A layered approach to foundational
    defense for SMBs
  • Increase cyber resilience
  • Endpoint security
  • Email security
  • Network security
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Business Continuity

SOAR as a service

If an organization has invested in a security operations center (SOC), Axon Technologies can provide the central operations console that extends their current capabilities and adds the capabilities of security orchestration, automation and response. This approach eliminates activities in tiered security operations that often result in excessive and error-prone human effort, such as validating and prioritizing threats, eliminating false positives and gathering threat intelligence for alert context. Axon Technologies integrates its solutions with an organization’s existing products and processes and augments their entire security ecosystem by applying proprietary threat intelligence and expertise to all event data in the environment.

  • Automating all of Tier 1 and majority of Tier 2 Security Analysis
  • Decreasing Time to Response and Remediation
  • Instant access to our expertise including playbooks, automation scenarios, reports and architecture advice
  • Best in class and high fidelity security playbooks integrated with threat intelligence context across network, email, and endpoint

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We partner with best of breed technology partners and are on the
pulse of emerging tech.

We partner with best of breed technology partners and are on the pulse of emerging tech.